National read a book day

 This week we are going to talk about reading your Bible. Because Sep. 6 is national read a book day. You probably never knew that, if you did just say yes in the comment section below. As you may or may not know the Bible is broken into 66 individual books. For this national read a book day I am going to encourage you to read a whole book. What is the Christian’s reason for reading the Bible? One of the names of Jesus is the Word. It is important to hear from God every day through his word. But I am talking about national read a book day. This week I’m going to challenge you to read 13 verses in which you will read a whole book of the Bible. You will read the whole book of 3 John on national read a book day. I’m going to challenge you to read it in the morning before you go to work or school or whatever you do on Friday. When you get to wherever you are going on Friday, you can think about where the people around you are going when they die. You can ask them to guess what today is and then you can witness to them and tell them about Jesus through 3 John. Sharing with them that we don’t have forever here, and neither does anyone else so we need to tell everyone about Jesus because one day every knee will bow to Jesus. Here is this week’s challenge read through 3 John on Friday morning. The link for 3 John is down below.

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