Great Christian Resources

General Christian Resources

These are some amazing Christian Resources that I use my self


Have a question about the bible or theology  This is the adult version 

Have a question about the bible or theology This is the kidz version 

Have a question about the bible or theology This is the teen version 

If you have questions about Genesis

Great tutorial on how to read the Bible

Bible apps 

Youverson bible app this is what I consider the social bible app

Bible hub is one of the best bible app it is the most featured packed bible app

If you want to read straight through the bible this will sends you a push notifications and has videos to keep you motivated

Christian movie streaming company

A good Christian books store

Christian social media

Place to visit 

Creation museum

Ark Encounter

Billy Graham Library


Groundbreaking Trauma Healing Courses


this is a group that unites Christian veterans because Veterans are stronger together


Suicide life line


Combat Trauma Healing Manual  self-study workbook for veterans

When War Comes Home – self-study workbook for spouses

Stop Soldier Suicide – resource connection

Hope For The Warriors – health and wellness for veterans and caregivers

Give An Hour – free mental health services

Wounded Warrior Project Retreat – outdoor retreat

Warrior’s Journey – faith-based resources

Hidden Heroes – caregiver support services

Psycharmor – family/caregiver support services

DoD Caregiver Resource Directory

New Rosie – family/caregiver practical videos

Christian Resource for EMS and firefighters

First responders – such as firefighters, police officers, and EMTs – experience much higher levels of stress and trauma in their workplace than a vast majority of the population. This can lead to a variety of mental health issues including drug and alcohol abuse. We’ve created a resource page for these individuals

(800) 273-8255 – Suicide Lifeline

(888) 731-FIRE – Fire/EMS Helpline

(615) 373-8000 – Safe Call Now Crisis Line


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