Frozen 2 from a Christian perspective

This week were going to talk about Frozen 2 the movie so If you haven’t seen it and you want to see it don’t read this. So the part I want to start off with is when Elsa evacuated  Arendelle. If you’re reading this I am assuming that you have seen the movie so remember at the end of the movie when Arendelle was saved. That is not going to happen, imagine with me that Arendelle is the earth. The  earth at the end will be destroyed along with all the people left on the earth but those who trusted in Jesus will be saved. This was shown by Elsa in Frozen 2 when she told the people of Arendelle to follow her to safety. Then Elsa went to save the people by going to the past and she froze and rose again. But Jesus died and rose again defeating death and solving the anger of God for our sins. In Frozen 2 Elsa solved the anger the Spirits had for the people of Arendelle. Just like Elsa did not hate the people of Arendelle God does not hate you. He loves you but He hates your sin. Just like Elsa was willing to go through the pain of being beat by the seas and frozen by the cold. Jesus was willing to be beaten by His own people and killed by them. He died for you and He wants to save you from the anger of God which will one day destroy the world and if you don’t trust in Him you will die and be tormented forever. But you can choose to trust that He came over 2000 years ago in a manager He was born with one purpose to die for us to forgive our sins. Elsa was born part woman and part spirit, Jesus was born part man and fully God. But the difference between Jesus life and Elsa story is that Jesus life really happened and He died for the whole world and He wants to have a real relationship with you. He is the King ,but He is also your Father if you know Him. Want to come to know Jesus as your Savior click the link below.


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