Recognizing Jesus

This week I want to talk about right after Jesus rose from the grave. He appeared to two of His followers, one named Cleapus and the other was not named. They were walking away from Jerusalem when Jesus appeared to them, but they did not recognize Jesus. As they were walking along He told them prophecies about Himself from the Old Testament(TaNaK). They did not recognize Him until He broke bread with them. When your walking away from your purpose you will not recognize Jesus. This week I want to ask you where is Jesus showing up in your life, but you didn’t recognize him until later. Maybe you could not recognize Him because you haven’t talked with Him or walk with Him in a while and your relationship has dwindled and you need to take some time this week to talk to Him. So this week I want you to look for where you are not seeing Him in your life. Then ask yourself why didn’t I recognize Him.

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