Living for a better purpose

As some of you know this week the New Lion King came out in America, but I am not going to spoil it for you. I am going to talk about a scene from the old one the first Lion King and if you have not seen it you’ve had 25 years. The scene I want to talk about is the scene where Simba is standing by the water with Rafik, when Rafik says remember who you are, you are a son of the king.
Right before this scene Simba is living in the mountains with a group of outcasts who had their philosophy all mess up, They believed that what you did would not affect anyone else no matter what you did. But, we know that almost everything you do affects someone, from a facebook post, to missing a day at work will affect someone else. Now back to the water scene with Simba, Rafik say remember who you are. The point I want to make is that you are the son of the most high King you should not be frolicking with the world for you are the son of the most high King. Be careful who you hang out with. Don’t get your testimony drug through with what people think of the people you hang out with. When you do you are also dragging your Father through it too and people say those christians are all just hypocrites. To quote Rafik one last time “He lives in you” so be careful what you drag your Father through. But also be a light onto those people, but don’t fall into temptation and don’t make the other ones sin.

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