difference between knowing and knowing

This week I want to talk about the difference between knowing and knowing. The first knowing is the way you know a friend. The other knowing is the way you know your parent, brother, sister or the closest person to you. Now, let’s apply that to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know Him as a father or as an acquaintance? Have you trusted Him as your Lord and Savior? Knowing God is an amazing opportunity. For thousands of years no one truly knew God, but then the veil was torn and because of Jesus we are able to go boldly to the throne of God. Jesus is waiting for you to talk to Him and read the Bible. We must not allow Jesus to wait for days for us to have time. We must set aside time for Him daily. So, when was the last time you set aside time for Him? This week I would like to challenge you to set aside time for Him daily. if you don’t know him click on the button below that says I want to know more.

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