Sinking ship

Imagine with me that your job  on a ship is to polish the ship. One day your ship is sinking slowly, would you continue polish the ship? There is  no right answer to this question. If you answered you would continue to polish the ship then you would be doing your duties. If you answered no then you are probably  trying to save the ship. What is more important is that we continue to do something . The world is on their way down if they don’t look up and believe in Him, then they are on the way to hell. But we can’t feel like the ship is too far gone. We have to continue to polish the sinking ship to show the other people onboard the ship, that even when everything is falling apart and sinking, we still trust in the Lord. That is why you continue to polish the ship or try to save the ship even when it is sinking. The importance is that we need to show people we believe in God. Most of the time doing these things we do every day that to us seem mundane, but it is to show others  in our workplaces, schools and everywhere that someone cares about them. God cares about them and everything they do matters. The world is sinking and we must try to lead people to the cross. That when the ship finally does sink they will not die the second death and live forever more with Him. This is why it is important to do the mundane and show the love of God in our workplaces and schools. So this week let’s remember to shine the light of Jesus everywhere. 

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