A united church

Like we talked about last week, we as a church have become too complacent because, it has been close to 2000 years since people have walked with Jesus. We would rather stay in four walls and fight about whether we should listen to contemporary music or hymns, read the King James or all the other versions. When 3,865 Languages need Bible Translations. They’re  not going to get the King James Version ,they just need a version of the Bible. We need to stop fighting over the little stuff as long as we don’t disagree on our core beliefs, we should be able to be the church. We don’t need to be boycotting other Churches because they don’t use your version of choice and don’t listen to the same music. Something that I decided to think ,was that  I would not consider any other Christian website as a competitor but, as fellow labor’s. I have thought about it like that since the beginning of this website, if the church thought about it like this we wouldn’t have a problem with the church,I mean Christian people as a whole, not being the church. If we were not separated in separate churches imagine how much more we could do if we would come together as a church. We could make a movement like the first church made reaching so many people that did not know about Jesus. We need to be the church that reaches people who have needs and meet their needs, then give them  the gospel. This is one of the best ways to give the gospel to someone by setting a good example of showing the light of Jesus through serving. Henry Morton Stanley an atheist reporter who followed David Livingstone across Africa, started as an atheist and left as a Christian. David Livingstone really showed the light of Jesus through serving. So stop fighting about things that won’t matter when we get to heaven, go be the church and show the light of Jesus through us

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